Abu Dhabi Ranked Safest City Of The World

abu dhabi worlds safest city

Abu Dhabi Safest City Of The World

Abu Dhabi, safest city in the world for the second time.

Abu Dhabi has been ranked world’s safest city again, according to a website that collates crime statistics on the world’s major cities.

Dubai is at 11th place with the lowest crime rates and safest city.

A website, named Numbeo, for crowd-sourced global data, has placed the capital first and given the lowest crime index of more than 300 cities.

Saif Saeed Ghobash, undersecretary at the Department of Culture and Tourism –Abu Dhabi said “Safety is paramount when choosing a city to visit or live and work in and we are proud to be the top of the list for the second year running.”

“Our capital Abu Dhabi’s strong reputation for safety and a virtually crime-free society is a testament to the ongoing efforts to establish the Emirate as a destination of distinction with international standards of safety. And we hope that adds to all visitors and residents of Abu Dhabi enjoying their time and making the most of our renowned Emirati hospitality.”

The remaining 9 safest cities are




Quebec City






The most dangerous Cities are

San Pedro Sula in Honduras

Caracas in Venezuela

The South African cities of Durban

Pretoria and Johannesburg




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