WhatsApp Success Story

whatsapp success story

WhatsApp Success Story

If a person purchases a new smartphone today, the first app that will be installed, it will probably be Whatsapp. There will be very few people who have a smart phone but they are not on the Whatsapp. The world’s popular messaging service started by two friends in 2009. One was Brian Acton who was an engineer in Yahoo, the second was Jan Koum who used to work in the hacking group Woo Woo.

Jan was born in a very ordinary family, he was born in a small village in Ukraine, and he completed his education at San Jose State University in Computer and Medicine. The childhood of Acton spent in Central Florida in 1994, he completed his education in computer from Stanford University. After taking a degree, Joined as a software engineer in APPLE again in 1996. Both of them met in the office of Yahoo.

ACTON points out that when he saw JAN in the office, he found out the different from the rest of the people, he was one of the hard working and minded person, and their friendship started. After working with almost 10 years, both of them decided to leave Yahoo and left the job in 2007 and planned for start-up. WHATSAPP’s idea came to Jan when he was watching the movie and thought there must be an app by which you can tell your friends what happened in the movie and without any cost.

jan coum and brian acton

Both of them discussed and started making this app. Earlier a lot of trouble was faced by them, first when a mobile number was registered for the registration, then the price of the message of OTP that used to be used was deducted from JAN’s bank. The second problem was that sometimes messages came and sometimes not. JAN said to ACTON to leave it and finds a stable job. ACTON said that we should give it some months. Both of them had lost money, so first they went to the office of FACEBOOK (Facebook), where they were rejected.

Then both of them called their old friends who worked in yahoo and told them about this project, they got around $ 15,000 from all the friends so that they start working again. Between 2010 to 2014, there was good growth. By AUGUST 2014 WHATSAPP users were 60 Crores and about 2.5 CRORE users were SIGN UP every month.

Now, after 5 years, the same Facebook that did not give them job, paid billions dollar to for WhatsApp. The two who went to ask for a job in that company have become the SHAREHOLDER of that company today.

At this time, the most active users are on WHATSAPP, not on the WECHAT of CHINA, and on JAPAN’s LINE App.

According to FORBES REPORT of 2014, JAN KOUM is ranked at number 221 with the property of 6.8 Billion in the list of the richest people in the world, the same BRIAN is at 551 number with the property of 3 BILLION.