15 Interesting Facts About Smoking

smoking kills

15 Interesting Facts About Smoking

Billions of cigarettes are smoked worldwide in a single day. once this habit was considered as a cool, sexy but now smoking is injurious to health is strictly mention even in Movies and TV also . Read this 15 Interesting Facts About Smoking.

  1. Smoking one cigarette takes about 11 minutes to take off your life span.

  2. Smoking can shorter man’s penis by as much as centimeter.

  3. Single cigarette contains over 4800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.

  4. 15 billion cigarettes are smoked everyday worldwide.

  5. French man name “Jean Nicot” was used to derive the name “Nicotine” who introduced tobacco to France in 1560.

  6. Smoking cigarettes destroys muscle tissue and has been proven to cause nipples to fall off.

  7. The breasts of woman who smoke tends to swag very quickly because smoking destroys protein called elastic, which gives breast elasticity.

  8. Smoking just one to four cigarettes a day nearly triples a person’s risk of dying of heart disease, according to researches.

  9. At any given moment, there are 10 million cigarettes lit around the world.

  10. Smoking can make you twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

  11. The term “smoking” wasn’t established until the late 17th century. Before then it was referred as “dry drunkenness”.

  12. One hookah tobacco smoking session deliver the 25 times tar of a single cigarette.

  13. 80% of smoker starts smoking before turning 18.

  14. Smoking cause wrinkles. People who smoke tend to have 10 times more wrinkles than those who don’t.

  15. Smoking cigarettes ruins the sense of smell.