Alert! Your Printer Is Spying On You


Alert! Your Printer Is Spying On You

Alert! Your Printer IS Spying On You

Get shocked? Your printer may be a “Spy Printer”

As we know that government can read our Emails, can track and record our phone calls but you might have never thought that government can track you by your printer and every page you printed by your printer.

In most color laser printers and color laser copies every time you print document a secret invisible tracking code is printed on the paper. By this code encoded serial number of the printer, brand and date of the printing and much more information can be obtain. This is a Printer Stenography.

The printer prints yellow dots grid all over the printed page. The little yellow dots can’t be seen by the naked eyes in white lights. With the help of microscope or illuminating page with the blue lights instead of white lights or magnifying glass.

The Secret Service decodes information contained in the dots to investigate counterfeiting cases. After finding out printer serial number, the agency works with printer companies to find out where the printer was sold.
In 2017, Reality Winner was identified as a suspect in a leak of National Security Agency documents, owing to a microdot pattern on the leaked papers.

Normal paper

normal paper

Source: Texure


printer paper by mcroscope

Source: Technawi


Microscope under blue light

Microscope under blue light knowledgeride

Source: itcafe.hu


Black dots covered with yellow under blue light

Printer Black dots covered with yellow under blue light

Source: Masterok.livejournal


Spying Printer Secret Code

spying printer secret code

Source: Stampborads