Interesting Friendship Facts You Should Know

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Interesting Friendship Facts You Should Know

In a lifetime , you will have approximately 396 good friends but at the end only 1 out of 12 friendships last.


Without good friends chances of bad health, overweight or smoking increases.


Irritates a friend after knowing what irritates him/her can make your relationship more stable and less frustrating.

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Individuals with the great social network gets support of friends in illness through healing process.


On average, falling in love with someone pushes two friends out of your circle.


If you feel your friendship is losing give some more time to them.


Individuals without friend’s network are twice likely to die of the disease.



Keep friendship alive in life is five times as important as physical intimacy in a marriage.


Babies as young as nine months old can recognize friendship, even if it’s between strangers.


In a marriage if you keep relationship as a friends it makes it longer lasting.


When your friend is in danger, your brain reacts the same way as you are in danger.


Close friends share about 1% of their DNA.

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The first Sunday of the August is celebrated as Friendship Day.


If a friendship last longer for 7 years it will last for lifetime.


85% of person they are no longer to close to someone once claimed to be best friend.